Sustainable meetings


We are convinced that food and meetings belong together. When people meet over a snack or a meal, sharing experiences and exchanging ideas, it can lead to amazing discoveries and insights.

Enough room for meetings

The flexible layout allows for big gatherings, break-out sessions and smaller groups. It is perfect for business conferences, family gatherings, lectures or events. Welcome to “Andra våningen” (The Second Floor).

Our meeting facilities

Everything at Garveriet is infused with innovative sustainable ideas, and that theme is explored in a range of activities for both individuals and groups. On the second and third floors there are variously sized meeting rooms suitable for small as well as bigger groups. The largest meeting rooms can hold 150 people in one gathering.

Room for knowledge

Want to learn more about food together with us and other foodies? Attend our upcoming courses and learn about cultivation, edible wild plants, preservation, pickling, fermentation, baking and other skills that will enhance your food pleasure as well as increasing your own level of self-sufficiency.